Who we are


ON is a cultural non-profit organisation which aims to promote cultural and personal empowerment of old and new citizens, through digital technologies. With this purpose ON fosters events, workshops and activities focused on the improvement of new skills related to contemporary scenarios and languages.

Through this kind of activities ON pursues the dissemination on new cultural models, based on the development of creative competences, digital skills and communication abilities which will be useful to women and men of tomorrow.

Antica Proietteria

Antica Proietteria is a video projection and video mapping project aimed at creating new work, training opportunities while sharing experiences. The young professionals who are part of it are proud to have coined the term "Projectors" as a reference to old crafts where obsessive care of details is an added value to superficial and content-less productions.

We're lucky enough to be able to  constantly extend and multiply our actions by educating, experimenting and sharing.


giulia - AD & Event Manager


AD & Event Manager
ELISA - Community Manager


Community Manager
Stefano - Graphic & Motion designer


Graphic & Motion designer